Thursday, March 31, 2011

Real Life Social network

Recently, I came across an article in Slideshare about Real Life Social network. This was a research article written by some guy from Google. It is an amazing article which I strongly recommend.

In real life, every one of us has a physical Social Network around us. This could involve our friend circle from school, college, locality, community, work, relatives, etc.

In the electronic world, we have our digital Social Network like Facebook.

There is a fundamental difference between the real-world Social Network and the digital Social Network, in the way these two networks are constructed.

In the real-world Social Network, there are various nuances and layers of commonality that we share with our friends.

In digital Social Network, all our buddies are "friends" and they are all added in one humongous network. This doesnt really capture all the various nuances that we understand between our buddies in real-world.

Once we understand/appreciate this subtle difference, we can address the two networks in a better way.

Though this research article is very lengthy, it is an easy bed-time read! I'll post more on this later!