Sunday, July 31, 2011

Semantic SOA Governance, Cloud Governance for enterprise vs public domain problems

I have been doing some research on using Semantics in SOA Governance and Cloud Governance for quite some time.

So far, I had only been considering Enterprise domain problems when we think of Governance solutions. I came across the following two links:

1) Cloud Governance:

2) HP Service Catalog:

These are interesting areas.

Now, if we open up our scope and consider public domain problems as well, along with the traditional enterprise domain problems, the significance would be great! But one thing to be aware of is, opening up the services infrastructure to public infrastructure would definitely change the scale of the problem, which brings its own set of challenges, but they can be solved.

Besides there is another angle. This is the mobile domain. How about the Twitter and Facebook ?

Basically, we would be very curious to know about what others think about our company, product, or our blog post or article that we put out. The users write reviews, and it would add great value to have an ontological structure and persist them in repositories. By this way, we would have covered the whole nine yards from the Taxonomy to the Folksonomy when we include the feedback reviews of users!

The potentials are great which demands attention and can not be overlooked!