Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Semantic SOA Governance, BPM and Comple Event Processing

I would like to let you know about an upcoming open source conference, the SemTech UK 2011. This conference would be held in London, UK between Sept 26-27, 2011. My ex-colleague, Keshava Rangarajan and I received an invitation to speak in the conference. The topic of our speech is "Semantic SOA Governance, BPM and Complex Event processing". Our topic falls under the "Innovative Products & Solutions" track.

For the complete events itinerary, please advert to:

Here is the link to our abstract:

Earlier Keshava Rangarajan and I have spoken in "HP Software Universe 2008" at Las Vegas representing Oracle. The topic was "Semantic SOA Governance". This time we are extending that topic, and additionally we would be covering BPM and Complex Event Processing as well.

Briefly, here are some of the challenges that we are intending to cover:

• How do we intelligently create, publish, search, discover, consume, manage, meter, monitor, govern and report on SOA services such that it delivers superior value to organizations?
• How can we deploy semantic technologies to solve this problem effectively ?

I intend to write more on this. Also, I'll write about the entire conference, other speeches, interesting ideas, etc. in the subsequent posts!

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